Friday, October 19, 2007

Character Design

Here is my Character Design Work:

Concept Art

So this is some work at Concept art. I have been very interested in biological morphology some time. My friend Rich works in the video game industry and has been showing me some of his and others work So I thought I might draw some monsters. Enjoy!

Background Design

So this is my collection of Background Designs. I work primarily in pencil and then use Photoshop and Flash for my finished Backgrounds. I always like to have my characters in the mid-grounds of most of my work. So almost all of these backgrounds are designed to be multi-planar and have animatable assets.

Figure Drawing Samples

First I would like to post some of my Figure Drawing Work. You can notice later in the collection my style has changed. I have been increasingly interested in the use of Watercolor for figure drawing purposes. The Workshop that I go to is run by Chris Hero at Helms Bakery, it is lots of fun! The poses last for between 1-20 minutes which makes it a real challenge to capture the figure in watercolor in such a short time.